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    Meet Me At The Honey Baked Ham Cafe

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    Last week I had a huge craving for Boston Market.

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    I was surprised to to find that all of the Boston Markets in Minnesota have closed.  Minnesota, Iowa, and North Dakota have zero Boston Markets. Wisconsin has two. Florida has 50. One for each state.

    How dare you leave Minnesota when I haven’t wanted to eat you for a decade?

    Somehow this brought me to a second, fast casual meat-centric chain, The Honey Baked Ham Cafe.

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    Last summer the only thing I cooked was bruschetta.

    I made bruschetta a lot. Every week. This summer I’m still making a lot of bruschetta. But I’m also making gochujang-butter shrimp. The sauce is inspired by the delicious gochujang-butter chicken wings a restaurant called Rabbit Hole used to serve in Midtown Global Market years ago before closing.

    This gochujang butter sauce is composed of only two ingredients – a gochujang squeezy sauce and butter. I could be your Asian Sandra Lee.

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    When people ask me what I’m up to this summer, the answers always the name:

    “Not much, haha.”

    If they ask if we’re going on any trips, the answer’s “Nope lol.”

    We’re spending time outside with family and close friends. We’re walking the dog a lot – Trayse is having the best pandemic ever. We’re getting home projects done, and grilling on the deck.

    I’m watching a lot of TV. Just started Fleabag and the Babysitters Club re-boot.

    Here’s a few take-out things I really enjoyed and would recommend.

    My reigning favorite summer meal right now is the Tofu Don bowl with some veggie sushi for later from 老王 ⅴpn下载 that I wrote about earlier.  

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    This post is not sponsored. We paid for our own CSA membership. 

    I haven’t signed-up for a CSA since we lived in Fargo. I remember getting a lot of corn and potatoes.

    By the time I started to think about CSA’s, most seemed to have reached capacity. I didn’t know what this summer would bring and wanted to avoid cash-handling and crowds.

    In late April, Untiedt’s Vegetable Farm CSA was still accepting sign-ups. They partner with Kowalski’s, a local grocery store. You can choose any store as a pick-up. If you live near one it’s a convenient option.

    Untiedt’s is located in Waverly, MN about an hour from St. Paul. Their farm isn’t strictly organic – they discuss their commitment to sustainable growing practices here.

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    Three Things: Watchmen + Two Meals

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    Watchmen is one of the most incredible show I’ve ever seen. I can’t stopped thinking about it.

    I’m not familiar with the comic, so I spent a lot of time frantically Googling backstories for Dr. Manhattan, Silk Spectre, and Ozymandias and reading the Peteypedia.

    The first episode opens with a scene that really did happen – the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre. 老王2.2.11下载

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